The Wild Mug
STUDIO: Caliber Creative
SERVICES: Visual Identity, Type Design, Illustration, Copywriting
CREDITS: Animal Illustrations by Lily Smith-Kirkley and Gina Lecca
The Wild Mug is a coffee and empanada shop opening in Florida. Latin-American and family-owned, the brand identity reflects a warm and friendly persona to start customers off with a wild and wonderful morning. The custom typefaces, Wild Thing and Paper Cut Display, are the primary identifies for the brand and this hand-done approach is echoed throughout the identity through empanada-inspired patterns and food and animal illustrations. 
Pulling from its Brazilian and Bolivian roots, The Wild Mug uses custom typography, clever writing, and vibrant colors to express the sunny personality, made-from-scratch quality of food, and Latin heritage of the brand. 

DSVC 54th Annual Dallas Show—Bronze 
Communication Arts 2023 Design Shortlist
Communication Arts 2023 Typography Shortlist

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